Tue, January 07, 2014

Lasseters has begun installation of an innovative new voltage power optimiser called Power Perfector. The system required an investment of over $400,000 by Lasseters, however savings of up to $15,000 per month are anticipated and will take just under three years to pay for itself.

Power Perfector is a unique carbon and cost saving technology. Most electrical equipment is designed and manufactured to run at 220V but most buildings are supplied voltage much higher than this. As a result, buildings use more electricity than they actually need - simply because their power is not optimised. Power Perfector corrects the problem of over-voltage on the supply network and improves the quality of power entering buildings.

The installations of the Power Perfector units will result in a drastic reduction of Lasseters’ power usage by approximately 760,000 kilowatt hours and CO2 emissions will reduce by approximately 541,000kg.

These projected savings are equivalent to annual greenhouse emissions from the following:

112 Passenger vehicles
201 tons of waste sent to landfill
73.9 homes electricity use for one year
22,385 gas cylinders used for home barbeques
227,987 litres of petrol consumed

 “Lasseters recognises our responsibility to our Central Australian environment and community and as such has made a significant investment in new technology that will provide an ongoing sustainable approach in the day-to-day running of our business.  As a company we embrace this environmentally friendly approach on a continual basis by identifying and implementing innovative solutions that first and foremost helps our environment but also delivers commercial benefits to the business,” says Lasseters Chief Operating Officer, Chris Sartori

Lasseters is at Benchmark stage with EarthCheck (an international environmental management program) and are in progress to receive Bronze status.  Lasseters also has a “Green Team” created by members of staff to ensure ongoing environmental performance, identify environmental risks, and implement environmental and social sustainability measures.