Mon, February 11, 2013

The Lasseters Collection is a stunning array of over 80 artworks by Central Australian Aboriginal artists.  The $100,000 collection is spread throughout each of the 66 rooms and suites of Lasseters’ new Premium hotel wing, which opened last year.

Lasseters enlisted the skills of Ngurratjuta / Many Hands Arts & Gifts, now situated at the Alice Springs Desert Park, to engage Central Australian artists based on Fair Trade principles, over a six month curatorial period. The selection of artists is representative of the variety of styles from the region.

Craig Jervis, Casino Operations Manager said; “When designing these rooms with the architects and interior designers it was always our intention to complement the surrounding landscape. We decided that the most appropriate and unique way of doing this was through Indigenous art and giving each room a local flavour.”

The artists have shared stories of their country and an ancient culture, surviving this land for over 40,000 years. Each painting tells a different story of local traditions and dreaming.

The collection can be viewed online at and guests may choose to stay in a specific room based on the artwork.  A Lasseters Collection booklet available in every Premium room provides guests with information on the artists and the story behind each creation.