If you recognise you have a gambling problem, we urge you to seek assistance. Information is available at our cash desks and Lasseters Rewards desks or by contacting one of the organisations listed here.

The Northern Territory has a Code of Practice for responsible gambling, this code can be viewed on the Amity Community Services Gambling Management website.

Lasseters encourages responsible gambling. Our aim is for our customers to enjoy our entertainment facilities and have a great time whenever they are in our venue.

For the majority of our customers, gaming is an enjoyable entertainment activity. However, for a small percentage, it can be problematic. At Lasseters, we offer the option of self-exclusion from all or part of our venue, which is a way of controlling your gambling by volunteering to exclude yourself from the casino.

What is self-exclusion?
Self-exclusion is an agreement between you and Lasseters to be excluded from entering all or part of the casino. Self-exclusion is available for a minimum of three months, however it can be requested for a longer period.

Your rights & responsibilities
If you gamble in an area you are excluded from then please understand that you do so at your own risk. Lasseters will endeavour to identify you and intervene, but will not be liable for any losses that you may suffer.

What is the process?
If you wish to undertake self-exclusion from Lasseters then please contact us either in person or by telephone (08 8950 7777).

You can choose to be excluded from the entire casino, or individual gaming areas such as Table Games, Electronic Gaming, TAB or Keno. After considering the information provided, you will be required to complete a Self Exclusion Notice, which is a simple one-page form. A recent passport-sized photo is required; this may be supplied by you, or taken by our Responsible Gambling Liaison Officers. Self-exclusion notices must be signed by you and one witness, and must be completed in full.

Once the form has been submitted to us there is a three (3) day "cooling off" period which gives you time to think about your decision and change your mind if you wish. A Self-Exclusion Notice cannot be reversed after the end of the three day cooling off period.

Self-exclusion is discreet and all information provided by you is confidential.

Our rights & responsibilities
If you wish to self-exclude we will provide you with information about assistance that is available to you. We will remove your name and details from the Lasseters Rewards database and any other Lasseters lists promoting gaming activity during the period of your self-exclusion.

If you are discovered inside or attempting to enter an area you are excluded from, Lasseters will take all reasonable steps to intervene and prevent you from gambling. This may include preventing you from entering the area or escorting you from the premises.

For further assistance:
Phone: 8950 7723
Email: allan.duffell@lasseters.com.au
Mail: PO Box 2632, Alice Springs, NT 0871
In person: request to speak to a Responsible Gambling Liaison Officer